About Me

Photo © photophilcro.com

  • I love travelling. If I could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow it would be to Bali or India.
  • I love vacations – Thailand, Hawaii and Australia are my favourite spots so far.
  • I love going out for Mexican and Sushi. Not at the same time though 😉
  • I love blonde beers and Malbec wines.
  • I love goals, lists and plans.
  • I love writing my ideas on paper. Typing is always my second step.
  • I love my dog, Cooper.
  • I love drinking decaf coffee.
  • I love singing in my car. And having dance parties in my living room.
  • I love notebooks and journals.
  • I love Ted Talks. I want to give one some day.
  • I love sea salt dark chocolate and ketchup chips. Oh, and apples.
  • I love cooking breakfast for dinner.
  • I love to recharge by running, meditating, doing yoga, dog walking, reading, writing and spending time with my partner, Kristin, and our friends and family.
  • I love watching True Blood, Modern Family and the Amazing Race.
  • I love movies, but I don’t have a favourite…
  • I love books, but I don’t have a favourite…
  • I love blue. Especially the blue on this website.
  • I love music by John Mayer, Adele and Jack Johnson.
  • I also love tunes from the 50’s and 90’s.
  • I love living in Calgary.
  • I love the view of the world I get at 5’5”.
  • I love being an ENFJ. I’m very extroverted, but I need alone time too.
  • I love the fun of summer and the colours of fall.

Most of all, I love life.