Favourite Links

Gymnastics and Sport

Gymnastics Coaching – an incredible resource for all things gymnastics

International Gymnast Magazine – my fave magazine growing up now has a website!

Gymnastics Canada – the central hub for Canadian Gymnastics

Alberta Gymnastics Federation – the central hub for Gymnastics in Alberta

The Couch Gymnast – incredible articles, perspectives and photographs

The Gymnastics Examiner – my go to source for what’s happening in the world of gymnastics

Gymnastike – amazing resource for the latest gymnastic videos

Gymnicestic – enjoyable blog about all things gymnastics

Spanny’s Big Fake Smile – funny and sarcastic approach to the world of gymnastics

The All-Around – one of the best forums around

American Gymnast – amazing articles and stories

Inside Gymnastics Magazine – a great mag and a trusted resource

Gymnastics Results – the results you want, when you want them

Canadian Athletes Now – a fund committed to athletic excellence

AthletesCAN – a voice for Canada’s athletes

Canadian Olympic Committee – home of the Canadian Olympic team

Gymn.ca – your source for the latest Canadian Gymnastics news

Graceclick.ca – amazing photographs from around the world

Ideas, Creativity and Personal Development

99 % – an amazing blog by Behance about making ideas happen.

Ted Talks – daily inspiration 😉

Robin Sharma – a mentor for me in many ways

The Great Traits – Mark Tewksbury and Debbie Muir’s project on creating Leaders, Achievers and Legacy Leavers

Box of Crayons – an inspiring blog on how to get more out of your life

Mnmlist – keeping things simple

The Art of Non-Conformity – be you, travel and always see the up side

Zen Habits – practical and applicable ways to be more zen

Seth Godin – the GOD of all things innovation

Quantified Self – dig a little deeper and expand

The 8 Principles – tips on how to get more satisfaction and fulfillment from life

Simon Sinek – Start With Why – an amazing site that brings it all back to why

In Over Your Head – this site makes you feel like you can breath again…

Athletes and Speakers:

Mark Tewksbury

Silken Laumann

Marnie Mcbean

Simon Whitfield 

Adam Van Koeverden 

Clara Hughes 

Chandra Crawford

Perdita Felicien

Alexandra Orlando 

Carol Huynh

Totally random, but much appreciated:







Cheap Flights

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Kyle Shewfelt