Q: Why should we book you as a speaker for our event?
A: I know that there are a lot of options when it comes to speakers and the decision can be a difficult and confusing one. Hopefully you are here because you are interested in having me be a part of your next event.
If you are looking for someone who can connect with your audience and make them feel excited about what’s possible in their lives and careers, then you’ve come to the right place!
I absolutely love what I do and it shows every time I get in front of an audience. I bring a high energy and engaging style to the podium and my intention with each engagement is to create a shift. I want the audience to have an experience that resonates. I want the messages to stick and to have an impact. I don’t believe a speaker should be just a band-aid.
I consider myself to be a genuine, honest, authentic and approachable speaker who likes to deliver powerful content while keeping things fun. I love making people laugh.
I also have the ability to cater my messaging so it fits with most occasions – there are some events, however, that are not a good fit. In this case, I’ll be sure to let you know who would be a better option.
Oh yeah, and I’ve also created some pretty awesome videos to accompany my presentations and they really drive my messaging home. It’s one thing to hear about broken legs, but it’s another to actually see it! (don’t worry, the actual footage of my injury doesn’t exist 😉 )

Q: What makes YOU different from every other speaker?
A: Besides my youthful good looks and tremendous sense of humour? Well, let me see here…
I put a significant amount of time and effort into my preparation for each individual presentation. I need to ensure it’s catered perfectly for the audience and their needs. It’s really important to me that the audience leaves feeling like they’ve got some valuable take-aways and that everyone had a good time.
I am super organized and easy to deal with on the back end and I do all of my own bookings, billing, follow up, etc. I believe in creating meaningful relationships and making the process as smooth and simple as possible!
I also don’t pretend to know everything. I hate it when a speaker does that. I do, however, love sharing what I’ve learned thus far.

Q: We don’t have a budget for a speaker. Will you still come and speak to our audience?
A: Email me the details of your event to and we can work together to figure out some alternative payment and budgeting ideas.

Q: We want you! We want you! How can we book you?
A: Awesome news! It’s nice to be wanted.

Q: What is your goal as a speaker?
A: My hope and dream is to inspire as many people as possible to work smarter, do what they love, get involved in their communities, aggressively pursue their potential and feel a sense of balance and fulfillment in their lives. I want to publish several books (link to author section here) themed around motivation and personal development and be able to speak and share for the rest of my life.

Q: What is your speaking fee?
A: My fee varies depending on factors such as length of speech, audience, location, etc. Be in touch and let me know about your event and I can give you a more accurate quote.

Q: What types of events do you speak at?
A: I speak at various events ranging from conventions and corporate gatherings to volunteer appreciation nights, sport banquets and social media meet ups. I have spoken to a large spectrum of audience sizes ranging from 10 to 5000.  Really, I’m game for anything! Bring it.

Q: What are your Top 6 Tips for picking a speaker?
A:1. Engagement – 10% is what you say, 90% is how you say it. Your speaker should be able to connect and make the audience feel like they are immersed in the journey. You want the messages to stick and the only way that will happen is if the audience feels engaged.
2. Hire an expert who doesn’t think they’re an expert – No one likes to be told what to think. Your speaker should allow audience members to come to their own conclusions. We learn and grow when we have a resonating reason to connect. A great speaker always leaves the audience with take aways that they feel inspired to act upon.
3. Powerful Content – You want your audience to be WOWED! You want them to have lightbulbs turn on inside of their minds. You want them nodding their heads in agreement. You want them tweeting quotes that inspired them. You want them feeling like they just got the answer they were looking for. Powerful content is a must in today’s over saturated market of speakers who are all saying the same thing…
4. Fun! – Conferences and events can be so dry and boring. Your speaker should uplift audience members and bring fun and energy to the room.
5. Approachability – your speaker should be willing to interact with guests and answer any questions they might have.
6. Flexibility – No, your speaker doesn’t have to know how to do the splits! Although it can be an asset! Your speaker needs to be able to go with the flow because we all know events are unpredictable. Hiring a speaker who can roll with the punches will make your day a lot more enjoyable.

Kyle Shewfelt