“Kyle captivated our team.  There is no other way to put it.  There was silence in that room as he spoke, and our team was devoted to each word he spoke.  We laughed with him, and I must say, several team members had tears in their eyes at times with his words as well. We were mesmerized and his appearance was the highlight for many that weekend.

To hear someone speak of their quest for excellence in life, but more importantly, their incredibly personal definition of excellence is…was inspirational.  I think anyone or any organization would benefit from hearing Kyle speak.  He can motivate a room, a heart, a mind, and a team all at once.”

– Sandi Greenfield
Operations Coordinator for Strad Energy

“As the guest speaker at our 11th annual client appreciation breakfast, Kyle was entertaining, engaging and inspirational.  He was able to take the lessons he learned through his gymnastics career and make them relatable for everyone at our event. Kyle really focused on how we, as individuals, can reach our true potential and gave simple tips on how to go about achieving this. Kyle’s fantastic sense of humour and down-to-earth personality made him a pleasure to work with and he was hands down one of the best speakers we have ever had!”

– Mark Staffing Solutions Inc.

“Our club recently celebrated it’s 30th year anniversary and we brought in Kyle as our keynote speaker.  Kyle was  definitely the highlight of our event!  A speaker can bring many things to an evening such as this – entertainment, inspiration or motivation.  Kyle brought all three in spades.  Kyle has a wonderful disarming style that creates intimacy with his audience and his adeptness at storytelling is immediately engaging.  Kyle was able to take his personal journey of gymnastics and not only illuminate the path to excellence for our athlete’s but offer the power of dreams to everyone in the audience.  Kyle’s message of hope, hard work and belief has long-lasting impact on the hearts and minds of those who hear it.”

– Okanagan Gymnastics Centre Board of Directors

“Kyle Shewfelt was amazing! His presentation was humorous, energetic and inspiring. It was truly a great pleasure to get an insiders view of the experiences of an Olympic champion. Kyle made us feel that with the right focus and effort, world class excellence is within us all.”

– John Bardos
Social Media Breakfast Calgary

“Kyle Shewfelt spoke about Grace Under Pressure at our 2010 Western Regional Conference for the Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute. Kyle’s speech was amazing and he had the entire audience completely engaged in what he was saying. He really made his story exciting and inspirational and he had some fantastic footage that was a great complement to his speech. Afterwards, a long line of folk from the event wanted to meet him and get photos. Kyle handled the crowd with a wonderful combination of grace and charm. Kyle’s speech was the talk of the conference.”

– Colin Gaydos
CPBI Western Regional Conference Programming Committee, 2010

“Kyle Shewfelt shared with us his journey through three Olympic competitions, emphasizing his struggles and celebrations he encountered. It was fantastic how Kyle was able to incorporate the theme of our program and tailored his presentation to the delegates’ experiences during the week. After the keynote address Kyle went out of his way to connect with our program participants, passing around his gold medal, talking to the kids and posing for photos.  I would recommend Kyle’s presentation to anyone who is looking to provide their audience with an inspiring view of what they can accomplish, while demonstrating what is really important in life.”

– Mark Shand
4-H Specialist – Programs

Alberta Provincial 4-H Club Week

“Gymnastics Saskatchewan was pleased to have Kyle Shewfelt attend our 2009 Awards Dinner as our guest speaker and MC. Kyle was amazing, his speech was interesting, motivating and he touched the many young people there with his stories about hard work and perseverance. Kyle made himself available to present awards, sign autographs, visit with athletes, coaches, volunteers and parents. He was extremely personable and willing to participate in all facets of the Awards Dinner. We would most certainly invite Kyle to attend another event in Saskatchewan. I highly recommend him as a speaker for any type of function.”

– Klara Kesmarky Miller
Gymnastics Saskatchewan

“Kyle Shewfelt did a great job for us.  He was funny and very relaxed when he spoke, and his use of video clips to reinforce his messages and tell his story was very effective.  His comments were also very well aligned with the audience he addressed… we were very happy with Kyle, and would definitely recommend him for similar audiences.”

– Susan Brown
Senior Vice President of the Ontario Regional Division, BMO

“We were excited to have had the opportunity to get Kyle Shewfelt for our KidSport Alberta fundraising event this February. We had heard that he was an engaging and energetic speaker. He was all of that and so much more. Kyle took us all on an amazing journey through triumph, tragedy and back again. He fully engaged every member of the audience, especially the kids. He gave all of us tools and tips that we could call upon in our own lives in order to experience success and manage adversity. Kyle elevated our event to the next level and gave us all an experience to remember.”

– Heather Shaw

Marketing and Technical Director, antoszOrthodontics

“I can’t say enough about the value Kyle Shewfelt brought to Mount Royal University. Within minutes of his talk and for the rest of the week, people who saw him speak were buzzing with positive energy and saying he was a “wonderful, inspiring speaker”, that he made ours “a marvellous event”, and that his message was “inspiring and so relevant to our day-to-day work and life.” I very strongly recommend him as a keynote speaker and I’m very thankful for his involvement in our initiative.”

– Dr.Alex Bruton
Mount Royal University

“Kyle was a great addition to our event.  His story is inspirational in how he came back from such a serious injury to compete at the Olympic level.  He is a true ambassador to the sport of gymnastics and the city of Calgary.”

– Don O’Dwyer
President – Raven Bay Services


The feedback I heard – from Rotarians as well as the students – was all very positive. Everyone who spoke to me after Kyle’s talk was beaming, and I think he did a fabulous job at connecting with such a diverse audience.

– Samantha Gilbert

Event Coordinator, Rotary District Conference


Kyle Shewfelt